Songs Of The Month

September had so many great new songs, collaborations, and albums – these are my favourites.

MAX and Kim Petras – Love Me Less

Max Kim

Kim Petras joins MAX on ‘Love Me Less’, a catchy pop song about being entirely honest with your partner, and wondering if things would change when they found out who you truly are and all the things you’ve done. I think their voices sound fantastic together, and they can both sing so well – MAX’s falsetto is incredible!

Camila Cabello – Shameless


Camila is back with two new solo singles this month, and ‘Shameless’ is the darker, sort of rock influenced one of the two. Her vocals in the chorus are raw, and elaborate on this idea of being shameless with your emotions and how you feel about someone – even when that someone isn’t good for you. The production on the song is something new for Camila, but I really enjoy it.

Conan Gray – Comfort Crowd

comfort crowd

Ever feel so alone that you just sit there super angry and sad? Well that’s exactly what Conan has written, and sings about on ‘Comfort Crowd’. Just willing to be with anyone and doing anything to feel less lonely, with a sense of comfort. The production is pretty simple, and builds up to a guitar driven chorus, while Conan casually (but also desperately) sings through his pain of being alone.

King Princess – Ain’t Together

king princess

We finally have an album release date for King Princesses debut album – ‘Cheap Queen’ will be out on 25 October, and ‘Ain’t Together’ is another taste of what is going to be a great album. I love the production on this song and King Princess is a fantastic songwriter, telling us a story of love that isn’t always obvious, but is valid and worth fighting for ’cause this person is the one for you.

Camila Cabello – Liar


As soon as this song starts, I am immediately taken to somewhere with Latin influences, that is fun and where you just dance. The second of Camila’s new releases this month is ‘Liar’, an uptempo song, with brass driven production. The catchy track is about pretending you’re over someone, but then you see them, and the act all falls and you need to be with this person. I think this is my favourite of her two new songs.

Alessia Cara – This Summer (EP)


I’ve featured quite a few Alessia Cara songs lately, but we finally have her whole EP, ‘This Summer’, and I really enjoy it. Alessia says these songs all came about organically, as she was just living her life and going through summer, so the EP deals with love, hurt, self-confidence, friendship, and just life. I love Alessia’s voice and her songwriting, so every song on this EP is a favourite – but special mention to ‘October’ and ‘Okay Okay’

OneRepublic – Wanted


This is One Republic’s first new song this month, and the first in a long time too – and it is excellent! Not only is Ryan Tedder a really great singer, but a fantastic songwriter, who perfectly captures feelings that I think all humans can relate to. ‘Wanted’ is about exactly what the title suggests, just wanting to be noticed and desired for existing as yourself. The song is catchy, I love the production (subtle strings included) and it’s just an awesome pop song.

MIKA – Sanremo


I am so excited for the release of MIKA’s album next month, but for now, we’ll enjoy the singles. This month, he released ‘Sanremo’, a dreamy, relaxed song, that feels like a summer holiday. Besides the obvious descriptive writing about a vacation, the production and his vocal delivery just sounds like a holiday feels. The song is catchy and also very different from the other songs on the album, so I think the overall album is gonna be a variety of excellent music.

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey – Don’t Call Me Angel


This is the collaboration we never knew we needed, and may not seem like it works, but it really does. ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ is the official song for the new Charlie’s Angels movie, and with Ariana Grande creating and producing the official movie soundtrack, you know it’ll be great. The song is fierce and empowering, and really gives every artist their moment – I think my favourite moment is Lana’s bridge with Ariana’s whistles in the background, it sounds angelic!

Ella Henderson – Glorious


It’s been awhile since we got new music from Ella Henderson, and she is finally back with ‘Glorious’. An uplifting, pop song about embracing all that we are, including the not so good parts. Ella’s voice is incredible, and her writing on this song seems like it’s come from a personal experience, but still relatable to us all. Beautiful and inspiring.

Halsey – Graveyard


‘Graveyard’ is Halsey’s latest single – it is vocally fantastic, lyrically real, and I love how the production changes from verse to chorus. The song is a look at the type of relationships that are not always good for us, but we still continue with them ’cause the negative feelings are masked by something positive. With the release of this song, Halsey also announced that her new album ‘Manic’ will be out in January – excited to hear that.

OneRepublic – Somebody To Love


This is One Republic’s second release this month, and both songs are fantastic. ‘Somebody To Love’ is a look at heartbreak and realizing that the person you still love has moved on and found someone new. Ryan Tedder sounds incredible (obviously) on this song, and I think the production amplifies the song, making it a great pop song.

Charli XCX – Charli (Album)


We’ve already heard a few incredible songs from this album, and the rest of ‘Charli’ continues on the wave of the pop perfect/electro mix. This album explores themes of love, heartbreak, life’s highs and low, as well exploring the future, not just lyrically, but sonically too. The production on every song is so explorative, even darker lyrical content is sung over alien-esque sounds, so we can just dance through the hurt. Favourites on the album ‘Gone’, ‘White Mercedes’, ‘1999’, ‘Blame It On Your Love’, ‘Cross You Out’, ‘Warm’, and ‘Official’.

Céline Dion – Imperfections


Céline is back with new music and an album out in November. ‘Imperfections’ is one of the songs released from the album, and I love it’s message, Céline’s voice, as well as the production. The song is catchy, pop perfection, and we cannot deny how incredible her voice is. I also really love ‘Lying Down’ from the upcoming album, it is hauntingly beautiful and so powerful.

Vincint – Someday


We all know how I love Vincint’s voice and his gift of constantly releasing bops. This month we have ‘Someday’, a song about always choosing that one person, even when it seems hopeless, you just tell yourself that one day, you will be together. I especially love the 80’s influence in the production and just how great Vincint sounds.

Lauv – Feelings


Another favourite on here, but we can’t deny that Lauv is an incredible singer and songwriter. This month he gave us ‘Feelings’, a moody and chill song, that’s an open letter to someone that he has obvious feelings for, and how they are rare but real. I think we can all relate to this situation, where we want to make things ‘official’ with a person, but unsure if they feel the same. I love this song!

Almost Heaven – Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon


Jeremiah was on American Idol, and when I watched his performance of ‘Unconditionally’ with Katy Perry, I became an instant fan, so I am very happy he has released music. ‘Almost Heaven’ is a beautifully gentle song about love, and finding that happy, safe space for you and your person, and how love is comparable to heaven.

Diplo & Jonas Brothers – Lonely


I did not see this collaboration coming, but I am pleasantly surprised. The Jonas Brothers and Diplo have created a great song about being there for each other, and sticking with someone until the very end, through it all. I think they sound really good on the song, and Diplo’s production is a cool vibe.

Zedd & Kehlani – Good Thing


Okay, so this song is the coolest. The entire vibe of self-confidence that Zedd and Kehlani created is great. I love the production and Kehlani sounds so so great (obviously). She sings about being enough and good on her own, and if some one does come into her life, they should add to it, not be the reason she is good – & I honestly think that is such a great way of approaching all types of relationships. Listen to this!

Dove Cameron – Bloodshot/Waste


For Dove’s solo debut, she released two songs, ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Waste’ – and I can confirm that they are not what I expected, but they are SO great. The production on both songs are like nothing I’ve heard before, and lyrically, they tell stories about life and love that we can all relate to. Dove sounds beautiful, and also like I’ve never heard her before (in comparison to music she has recorded for Disney). So I love that both songs are not what I expected – I am obsessed.

Noah Cyrus – Lonely


Alright. So when I listened to this for the first time (while in traffic I might add) – the goosebumps and emotions hit like a wave. Not only does Noah sound the best I’ve heard her sound, but the lyrics and the way they are sung is just incredible! I think we have all felt lonely, and overthink about our lives and families, and just wanting to do our best in life, while figuring it all out. Listen. To. This. Song.

Adam Lambert – Velvet: Side A (EP)


Adam Lambert is back with ‘Velvet: Side A’, an EP filled with some of the grooviest and most vocally incredible songs I’ve heard in awhile. The pop/rock and 70’s influence on this EP is undeniable, and Adam’s life and don’t care attitude are put front and centre in the lyrics. I love every song on Velvet: Side A, not only because they are so different to the music we hear on radio, but the fact that Adam is such a fantastic and versatile artist – this EP sounds nothing like his previous work, it’s a must listen! Special mention to ‘Loverboy’ and ‘Closer To You’.

Kristin Chenoweth & Ariana Grande – You Don’t Own Me

for the girls

A classic, iconic song, covered by two fantastic vocalists. Kristin and Ariana previously worked together on Hairspray Live – but this is the first time we’ve heard them on a song together, and it does not disappoint. I love the message of this song – it’s a great song to bring back and create a modern version, with the same message (which is more relevant now, than ever).

Which songs released this month are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below.