Songs Of The Week

These are a few of the songs released this week that I am loving.

Taylor Swift – The Archer


This is the third song we’ve heard from Taylor’s new album, ‘Lover’, out on 23 August, and it is the complete opposite of the previous two we’ve heard. ‘The Archer’ is subtle and beautiful, with minimal production, that places her voice and lyrics at the forefront. It’s an honest song about the different battles we all face on the daily, and being confused with where one is and what to do next. I’m hoping there are more songs like this on the album, which show off Taylor’s music story-telling.

Alessia Cara – Ready


This was a surprise release from Alessia, along with the announcement of her new EP ‘This Summer’. ‘Ready’ is an honest look at the relationships we have with others, and how sometimes timing just isn’t on our side and the other person, or even ourselves, still have some figuring out to do in order to make things work. I love Alessia’s distinct, raspy voice, and she is such a talented song-writer, this song showcases all her strengths, and I’m really excited to hear more of the EP.

Of Monsters And Men – FEVER DREAM (Album)


‘FEVER DREAM’ is Of Monsters And Men’s third studio album, and their distinct alternative sound is prominent through out, with some songs exploring a subtle pop production, and rock influences. Their blend of soft drum and synth sounds, with some big, soaring choruses, creates a different listening experience for every song. Their song-writing is fantastic, not just for the stories they tell, but the images they create with the pairing of the music and their words. Favourites on the album are ‘Stuck In Gravity’, ‘Waiting For The Snow’, ‘Wild Roses’, ‘Róróró’, ‘Alligator’ and ‘Wars’.

Dean Lewis – Waves Remix (EP)


Dean Lewis released his album earlier this year, and this EP is different versions and remixes of ‘Waves’, one of my favourite songs on his album. It is a beautiful song about change and remembering the past, and our youth. On the EP he has the original song, two acoustic versions, a Timbaland Remix, and a live performance of the song, and what I love most is how the variations of the song all sound new and make you feel differently.

Which song released this week is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below