Songs Of The Week

This week has been filled with new song and album releases that are all so great, so let’s get right into it!

Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?


This is the song I was most excited to hear this week – I’ve cried, danced and just been reminded (again) why I am such a huge Sam Smith fan. Vocally, he always sounds impeccable, and we immediately recognise that it is Sam. Even lyrically, the production may be upbeat and dancey, but the story being told is one of heartbreak, as well as the trials we experience when in love. Then, can we just have a moment for the music video ! Choreographed dancing is SO unexpected for Sam, but I love that he is exploring it and using it to create a visual for his music, like no other. My song of the week!

Hayley Kiyoko – I Wish


A mid-tempo, moody pop song about heartbreak and wanting more from someone we love – which I think everyone can relate to. Unrequited love is something I think we have all encountered, and the difficult process of trying to move past it is never easy. ‘I Wish’ is about that, and the music video shows that with the right people in your life, you will get through it. I love Hayley’s voice and her writing, and this single shows off just how talented she is.

Pentatonix – Can You Feel The Love Tonight


Pentatonix released their incredible cover of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ this week, and with the film being released yesterday, their timing was perfect. Their perfect acappella arrangements and flaw-free harmonies always amaze me, and this song is no different. They took the song to another level vocally, and there were so many goosebump moments throughout. It is gentle, powerful, and an incredible cover of a universally loved Disney classic.

Sabrina Carpenter – Singular Act II (Album)


I am a big fan of Singular Act I, so I am very happy Act II is finally here, and there are no disappointments in sight. Sabrina is a crazy good vocalist, and her songs are always impactful pop songs, that are catchy and well written. This album has themes of love, life, loss, self-discovery and life lessons all perfectly packaged as fantastic, beautifully harmonised songs. Favourite songs on the album are ‘In My Bed’, ‘Tell Em’, ‘Exhale’, Take Off Your Cool’, ‘Looking At Me’ and ‘I Can’t Stop Me’.

Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens – Gone


A pulsing pop song about feeling anxious and overcoming those overwhelming emotions. Charli XCX with Christine and the Queens sound so good together, their cohesive sound and vibe create a great song. The lyrics are about insecurities and self-loathing, which I think is super relatable to us all, as well as the idea of freeing ourselves of these feelings. I LOVE this song!

Beyoncé – The Lion King: The Gift (Album)


We first heard ‘Spirit’ in last weeks post, and this week we got the entire album. Beyoncé collaborated with different artists on this album to tell the story through songs that are inspired by Africa and the new movie, which was also released this week. Having collaborators from Africa really helped introduce a distinct sound into each song, not only in the production, but with the languages too. Favourites on the album ‘My Power’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Brown Skin Girl’, ‘Bigger’, ‘Otherside’, ‘Find Your Way Back’, ‘Nile’ and all the interludes are beautiful and fitting to the story telling. Beyoncé was the executive producer of the album, which she called “a love letter to Africa” and it is exactly that!

Tori Kelly – Language


The song opens with a few guitar strums and Tori’s stunning voice – and what a way to start! It then goes into this country/rock influenced sound, with her singing about trying to do everything to better understand the person she loves. This is the third song we’ve heard from Tori’s upcoming album ‘Inspired By True Events’, out on 9 August, which I am very excited for.

Bazzi – I.F.L.Y.


Bazzi released his own take on a love song this week, and I am obsessed with it! The song has a summery, guitar driven feel with some trap influences throughout, while Bazzi reminisces and casually sings about his love for a girl. The production on the song and Bazzi’s voice work so well together, helping create this sense of a shout out and proclamation to the person he loves.

King Princess – Prophet


King Princess says that this is one of her favourite songs she has ever written, and I see why. From the idea of one single person being magnetic and sort of hypnotizing, to the songs production and progression from a guitar driven sound to an acapella-synth, this is definitely a fantastic song. We’ve heard her explore many genres, even showing the fluidity of different genres in one song, while her lyrics and voice tie it all together.

Which song released this week is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below