#PrideMonth 2019: Music

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my #PrideMonth 2018 Music post! So I decided to put together another list of new LGBTQ+ songs and singers.

Adam Lambert

He has been touring with Queen for the past few years, and is finally back with his own music and an album on the way too. Adam’s voice is incomparable, and the vibe of his new music is something different and fresh, so I am excited to hear the new album (out September).

Ben Platt

Some of you may know Ben from Pitch Perfect, others from his Tony Award winning performance in Dear Evan Hansen, well now, you’ll know him for his music. Beautiful, soaring songs of love, life and heartbreak, all incredibly sung and written as if this album is his diary.

Calum Scott

He was featured on last years list, but has released new music since then, and I’m a huge fan, so I had to add his new music to the list this year. I was lucky enough to see Calum live, late last year, and what you hear in his music, is what you’ll hear on stage. He released ‘No Matter What’ a beautiful song about coming out, and his latest song is a collab with Felix Jaehn called ‘Love On Myself’. It is an upbeat dance track about finally reaching a place where you can fall in-love with someone else after finding love for yourself, first.

Craig Lucas

Craig is one of my favourite local musicians, and his album ‘Restless’ is filled with fantastic songs, honest lyrics, and Craig’s powerhouse voice. His latest song ‘ANTI-SOCIABLE’ is from his new project, which I am so excited for – the lyrics on this song are right out of Craigs mind into our ears, and the vibe is chilled but still great vocally.

Duncan Laurence

He is the 2019 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest – his song ‘Arcade’ is a beautiful song about the struggle, and game of love. In a press conference, before the Eurovision final, Duncan stated that “I’m bisexual, and I’m proud that I get the chance to show what I am, who I am”.

Greyson Chance

I remember watching Greyson singing ‘Paparazzi’ on Ellen almost 10 years ago and thinking how talented he was. Well, he is now 21 and sounding better than ever, beautifully singing these honest songs from his experiences in the past few years and just growing up in this modern, and sometimes overwhelming world.


Another artist who has released new music since the last Pride post, and she is now a mom too! Kehlani released ‘While We Wait’ this year, where her signature R&B sound is prominent, and themes of love, being a woman, vulnerability, and just learning from life are at the core of the album.

Kevin Mchale

You probably recognise him from Glee, but he is now a solo artist, with his EP ‘Boy’ introducing us to Kevin and his own sound. Personal writing that is well sung over a pop and R&B production is what Kevin is about. He is honest and upfront about who he loves and what he wants – excited to see what’s next for him.

Kim Petras

She was also on last years list, and continues to create pop perfection with every song she releases. Kim’s lyrics are relatable and her voice and sound are distinctly her, which I think is so important. ‘Clarity’ is the name of her first full length album, and the album is pure pop, with themes of love, life and heartbreak.

King Princess

An unapologetic, cool, and just herself singer that says and sings what she wants. King Princess was the first artist signed to Mark Ronson’s record company, and her story-telling and fantastic voice is what sets her apart. ‘Make My Bed’ is King Princesses first EP, and it has songs about love and heartbreak, all in her electro-pop/chilled sound.


I first heard of Leland from Troye Sivan – they wrote a lot of Troye’s album ‘Bloom’ together, so I was excited to hear some of Lelands solo stuff. To no surprise, every song is so well written, and all produced and sung fantastically to create pop songs that tell stories while making you dance and feel.


MNEK was featured in the Pride 2018 list, but since then, he has released a fantastic album filled with pop songs that tell his story. Love, heartbreak, secrets and finding himself are the more prominent themes on his album ‘Language’. MNEK is a great singer and lyricist, and his album showcases all his talents in a bold and loud way.

Parson James

Another artist we saw on last years feature who is back, better than ever, with new music. I say this to everyone, but Parson’s voice is incredible! His tone is uniquely Parson James, so when he sings about something we can all relate to, like in his latest single ‘Minute’, we should all listen and appreciate it.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith has released a few new songs since last years feature, and they’re all incredible. His voice never disappoints, and I was lucky enough to see him live earlier this year, it was one of the most freeing sort of experiences. He sounded fantastic, and hearing songs that I love and that mean so much to me live, was beautiful.

Todrick Hall

Todrick has created some of my favourite videos on Youtube. He is so talented, not only as a singer and performer, but a writer and just an overall creative. The release of ‘Haus Party 1’ let us into Todrick’s queer and colourful mind, and every song is a party, with lyrics that are for, by and about those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Troye Sivan

Since the Pride 2018 post, Troye has released his album ‘Bloom’, collaborated with other artists, and been nominated for a Golden Globe for his song ‘Revelation’ from ‘Boy Erased’. His songs are always honest and personal pop/alternative songs, that make you feel certain things when you listen to and immerse yourself in them.


Vincint has released a few songs since Pride last year, and they’re all amazing. There is no denying that Vincint’s voice is incredible, but he also uses his music to tell stories of love and heartbreak that we don’t often hear. His latest collaboration with Parson James and Wrabel is a fantastic gospelesque story of hope and love.

It’s always exciting to discover new LGBTQ+ musicians and see them grow in popularity. They tell different stories all in the form of great songs and music videos, and I am so grateful that they exist.

Who are some of your favourite LGBTQ+ musicians? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep loving & #KeepSmiling