Songs Of The Week

I’m super excited ’cause so many great songs and albums were released this week, and these are some of my favourites.

Mark Ronson – Late Night Feelings (Album)


Mark Ronson really wanted to have us dancing through our tears and heartbreak with this album – every song is a different facet and phase of heartache as well as lovelessness. All the artists he featured work perfectly and combine their sound perfectly with Marks funk/pop sound. My favourites on the album are ‘2AM’, ‘Truth’, ‘Find U Again’, ‘Late Night Feelings’, ‘Pieces Of Us’, ‘Why Hide’ and all 3 songs with Yebba.

Parson James – Minute


I am obsessed with Parson’s voice as well as his lyrics, which are always personal and well written. This song is no different – beautiful vocals, and lyrics about something that I think we can all relate to. Just needing sometime to step back and breathe, to re-evaluate things, even though it’s difficult, we need to have that minute to not drown in the chaos of life and our heads. I also find the production builds up to be sort of chaotic (in a good way), which is great ’cause it suits the message of the song.

Bea Miller – feel something


Bea Miller said on Twitter that this song came from a place of feeling mediocre and feeling like life has no real emotion sometimes. ‘feel something’ is honestly beautiful and Bea sounds so great on it too. The verses are quite dreamy and sort of float, while when the chorus comes in, the base drops and it becomes impactful – it makes you feel something I guess… I really like this song.

Zara Larsson – All The Time


Zara’s latest offering is an electro/pop song about having someone on your mind, well, all the time. Her voice sounds fantastic as usual, and the production reminds me of something Daft Punk would create, and that sound works so well with Zara’s tone and vocal production. ‘All The Time’ is just another reminder that Zara Larsson never disappoints, and releases bops every damn time!

Kevin McHale – Boy (EP)


We’ve already heard two songs from this record, ‘Help Me Now’ and ‘James Dean’, which are all so great, and the rest of the EP definitely continues the greatness. Kevin’s fantastic voice, paired with the pop production and lyrics that tell a story, give the 5 songs on ‘Boy’ a life that everyone will appreciate and enjoy. Love forms the basis of all the songs, with each song telling a different side of love from Kevins own experiences, and I can honestly say I enjoy every song on the EP.

Kim Petras – Another One


This is the last single Kim Petras is putting out before the release of her album ‘Clarity’ next week. ‘Another One’ is quite different from her previous songs, it’s a lot slower and sadder in its sound and lyrics. Kim is singing about heartbreak, and how she wants just one more moment with someone who is already into someone else. I’m very excited to hear this album, all the singles previously have been so great!

A Great Big World – This Is Magic


Kind of hard to believe that the people who gave us ‘Say Something’, a beautiful and sad ballad, would release something years later that is filled with lyrics of love and a definite 80’s dance/pop influence in its sound. I really love ‘This Is Magic’, it is a fun song, with great vocals, that’ll have you singing and dancing along by the second chorus. The production builds up as the song progresses, and every time you listen to it, you hear a new sound, instrument or harmony, which adds to the excitement.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Señorita


We first heard Camila and Shawn on ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ and they are back with ‘Señorita’ another duet – and it this one does not disappoint! A beautiful, guitar driven song, with Shawn and Camila’s voices harmonising perfectly in this sort of heartbreaking and honest cry for love. They both sound brilliant on the track, and sonically it’s something more mature for them, which I love. The music video is super sexy and their chemistry brings the song to life.

Sebastían Yatra, Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha & Jonas Brothers – Runaway


A catchy and vibey song that fuses pop as well as urban, Latin music so well! This multi-cultural collaboration is a great showcase of all the artists involved, and the message about doing anything for the person you’re into is told differently for everyone. It seems anything Daddy Yankee is a part of, is a hit – plus who doesn’t wanna hear the Jo’Bros sing in Spanish.

Daya – Left Me Yet


An electro-pop dance song with lyrics that I think we’re all guilty of – not appreciating the ones in our lives or feeling like we don’t deserve them. I really love the production on this song, it feels kinda free and liberating, while Daya’s voice sounds incredible on it and suits the production so well.

Chloe x Halle – who knew


Chloe and Halle are singing about an unexpected love, that doesn’t seem like it should work, but it just does. The production on ‘who knew’ is simple and pretty chill, putting Chloe and Halle’s fantastic voices and harmonies front and centre. The repetitive ‘who knew’ over simple snapping is one of my favourite parts of the song, sort of hypnotising and in perfect unison, like this relationship they’re singing about.

Which song released this week is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below