Songs Of The Week

We had tonnes of music releases this past week, it seems everyone wanted June to start with their new songs, and these are just a few of my favourites.

⁃ Miley Cyrus – She Is Coming (EP)


Miley released a 6 track EP this week, and ‘She Is Coming’ does not disappoint. Miley’s beautiful and distinct tone, over a pre-dominantly hip-hop and pop influenced sound with honest and relevant lyrics make this EP a stand out for me, and definitely encompasses Miley’s sound and versatility. Singing about being herself – an imperfect, strong woman, influenced by her mother and continuously fighting for freedom and peace. My favourites on the EP are ‘Mother’s Daughter’, ‘Unholy’, ‘Party Up The Street’ and ‘The Most’.

⁃ Katy Perry – Never Really Over CR: Katy Perry/Twitter

Pop Perry is here and thriving! When I listened to this for the first time, as soon as that chorus dropped, I was up dancing and singing along (well trying to). Katy’s voice sounds really great on ‘Never Really Over’ and the lyrics are a fresh take on heartbreak and how losing love (in all it’s forms) remains with us forever, and that it’s okay to learn from the people we have loved and keep those lessons with us as reminders, sometimes even going back just to re-learn those lessons.

⁃ Lauv – Sad Forever

lauv sad forever

Lauv is one of those new, recognisable pop voices, with honest lyrics and his own take on pop production – this song is no different. It’s lyrical content is super open and melancholic, with Lauv singing about his mental health struggles and the hope that it’ll improve, something I think so many people can relate to. He has said that all the songs proceeds will go to organisations that are working to end the stigma around mental health, which I think is incredible.

⁃ Kim Petras – Do Me


‘Do Me’ is a really good pop song – with cheeky lyrics, pop-perfect production, and crazy good vocals, Kim Petras did not come to play (musically at least). We may not admit it out loud, but we all relate to this “slut anthem” (Kim said it, not me) and will be singing it later!

–  Mark Ronson & Camila Cabello – Find U Again


Okay, so Mark and Camila have come together & created a relatable upbeat pop/electronic song, that is equally sad – so a crying while dancing sort of situation, if you know what I mean, and I love it! The effects on Camila’s voice are very different for her, but fitting to Mark’s sound as well as the song. Mark’s album is being released on 21 June, and all the songs he has released so far have been fantastic, so I’m really looking forward to it.

⁃ Mika – Ice Cream


Catchy and fun pop is what Mika is known for, and ‘Ice Cream’ is exactly that! I was already singing the chorus upon the second listen, and it reminded me of the first time I heard Grace Kelly and the happiness that song brought to me and so many others. Mika’s voice is unmatched, and his signature sound is exactly what makes this song the greatest!

⁃ King Princess – Cheap Queen

King Princess is the coolest and in this song, she knows it. This song has a nostalgic sound to it with its low, repetitive beat, and the background vintage movie clips. It’s a vibey song, with sassy and over-confident lyrics that speak of our different identities and how we’re multi-faceted, which makes us royal AF!

⁃ Sufjan Stevens – Love Yourself/With My Whole Heart (EP)


This 4 track EP is just an honest and beautiful declaration of love. It has two delicate and sweet love songs, a reprise, and a demo from 1996. Sufjan’s gentle singing and harmonies, over production that reminds me of the past, creates songs that we can all resonate with, both lyrically and sonically.

Which song released this week is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below