Design Joburg 2019

It’s May and that means it’s time for one of my favourite decor and design shows in South Africa, ‘Design Joburg‘. A world-class exhibition showcasing our very best designers and makers all in one place, with beautiful products, and one-of-a-kind collaborations. This is a show you do not want to miss!

Each year the show is elevated and made greater, so this years show creative directors Greg Gamble & Philippe van der Merwe from Tonic Design had quite the expectation to meet, and they truly went above and beyond! The entire show and experience was exceptional, and local designers really created products and spaces that are beautiful, inspiring and truly shows how South African design is prominent and thriving.

One of the highlights of the show for me was the SPA ZAR installation – a collection of South African creatives, put together in a feature designed by Source IBA. Cubes filled with beautiful furniture, lighting, textiles, and wallpapers that truly showed the variety of local design and how wonderful things are created when there is collaboration.

Another fantastic experience was ‘The SA Furniture Collective’ – a walk through of spaces curated by the shows Creative Directors Philippe van der Merwe and Greg Gamble, which showcases local and diverse furniture designers.

BOS Ice Tea and Hendrick’s Gin each had unique stands for show visitors to have a break and get something to drink, or like myself, just to grab a drink and continue looking around. The Hendrick’s Gin stand was designed by Studio 19 and was truly a stand-out of the whole show. Beautiful colours, textures, and furniture all brought the gin to life.

The ‘CoLabs’ are a signature feature at Design Joburg, where designers and leading brands create inspiring and captivating spaces, and this year they were exceptional!

My personal favourite stand at Design Joburg 2019 was Donald Nxumalo’s. An incredibly beautiful, timeless and calming space. Donald says that the space was inspired by his recent visit to Lamu, a tropical island just off the coast of Kenya, and when you entered the space you were truly transported there.

Design Joburg is on for this weekend only, so make sure you get your tickets here and get to the Sandton Convention Centre to be inspired and shown just how incredible local design is!

Featured designers: Mash T. Design, Houtlander, The Urbanative, The Ninevites, Kino, James Mudge Furniture Studio, Jacob’s Collection, Notation Design, Joe Paine, Mema Designs, MOS Products, Anatomy Design, Wolkberg Casting, Proportion Studio of DesignDouglas & Douglas, Bofred, SHF, Belgotex, Ommni Design, Julia Day and Blu_Line.

Let me know what your favourite part of the show was in the comments below.