The colder months are fast approaching here in South Africa, so I had a look at what trends and necessities were seen on all the runways. From contrasting colour trends, classic patterns, trendy boots and animal prints – this Autumn and Winter has at least one trend for everyone, which means it’ll be simple to be on trend while exploring our style and how we feel in things. These 18 trends are ones that I love and plan to make my own over the next few months:

Animal Prints

We saw snake trending for awhile, but for Autumn/Winter, it’s about the cats – tiger and leopard prints. Some designers used it in its natural colours, while others took a more graphic approach and kept the essence of the prints, but made them bold colours. This trend that isn’t for everyone, so introduce it slowly with an accessory, and see how it goes from there for you.

Bag It

This ties in well with the practical/utilitarian trend later in the list – wearing something to hold your belongs is now cool, for everyone. Handbags, backpacks, moonbags, neck wallets and clutches are now a necessity, not only to store things, but to look trendy while doing it.


This was also seen in Spring/Summer 2018-2019, but now we are layering textured black garments, exploring form and wearing it head-to-toe in dramatic and bold, but classic looks. Wearing any of the other trends in all black is the perfect and most simple way of making sure you’re on trend in a subtle way.


A pretty dominant pattern on the runway for Autumn/Winter, in all different shades as well as scale. Most times it was shown in a head-to-toe look, which isn’t for everyone – but you decide how and if you will be rocking this trend over the next few months.


A winter essential, where we can go classic in form, colour and fit – or try something a little different like a bright coloured trench coat, or a coat with a bold and bright graphic on it. Broader shoulders and longer lengths were seen in many shows, but so were shorter, but textured ones. Dior even gave us an incredible asymmetrical coat (which I am obsessed with!!).


This is a trend I love because of how versatile it is, not only in its look, but how it can be worn. Designers brought a very graphic element to classic winter pieces, like jumpers, coats and scarves, giving it a new, updated life – which I think is exciting and necessary.


This is something that works through all seasons – head wear of all shapes, cuts, materials and colours were worn on this seasons runways. Large fedoras and berets, colourful caps and beanies, and the classic newspaper boy hat were all featured and styled in different ways. Hats are versatile because they are quick to either elevate or relax any look.

Heavy Duty Boots

Large and thick soles, usually black leather, and up to the ankle, these boots were one of the strongest shoe trends seen on the runway, and you can honestly wear in any way you want – as long as it’s confidently!

Impactful Scarves

Thick and large scarves made quite the impact on runways, as well as sport-scarf inspired ones. Floor length and bulky, or graphic and branded, a scarf is the one accessory that will not only keep you warm in the cold, but have you bang on trend too.


This is a personal favourite for me – layering different textures and lengths help create an exciting, and almost instant, fashionable look. The runway saw monochromatic layered looks, bulky and large layered looks, as well as sleek layered looks. The trend is there for you to explore in any way you’d like.


This trend was already seen in 2018-2019 Spring/Summer trends, but this time we’re seeing it in winter staples, like coats, puffer jackets and accessories, as well as patterned pieces in every shade of highlighter.


The timeless look that has been updated for 2019. It is now applied to different materials, shown in new colours, and is seen in other garments, not just the classic pinstripe suit. Wear it head to toe, or one statement pinstripe piece, you decide.

Puffer/Padded Outerwear

This was a trend last Autumn/Winter as well, but this time around, it is even puffier! The clothes are bigger and longer, colours are brighter, and creating an asymmetrical look (bulky upper half, fitted lower) is a great way to wear it. The padded look has also been put into more than just jackets, we saw things like pants, bags, and even padded scarves.


A prominent colour for Autumn/Winter 2019, with a variety of shades being seen, also worn head to toe or in just one garment or accessory. We saw purple patterns, lilac knits and mauve head to toe. I think a purple, monochromatic look, as shown in Louis Vuitton’s show, looks SO good.


Another prominent colour, the bold, “I have arrived”, red is here for everyone to have and wear in their own unique way. If the bright, primary colour red isn’t for you, try darker shades, even maroon will work.

Shades of Brown

Shades of brown, sand and beige were also huge on the runway for Autumn/Winter. Most looks were head-to-toe monochromatic, or paired with accessories in bright colours, contrasting colours. This is a minimal and neutral trend that will work for everyone.

Shearling Jackets

The coziest, most winter looking jackets made a mark on the runways, with the shearling being shown in a variety of colours, as well as different applications and placement on jackets. This is a must-have for those cold, winter nights.

Technical Athleisure

Think hiker fashion, with a sports-luxe appeal. The practicality of fashion is taking the forefront here, with clothes having many compartments (some even detachable), with a looser but structured fit, making it easy to wear.

The “Ugly” Sneakers

We’ve been seeing these for awhile now, so it’s no surprise that there was at least one pair in almost every show. They were shown with formal wear, streetwear, even skirts – the opportunities with these sneakers are endless and the runway showed us that there isn’t really a right or wrong way to wear and style them, so have fun with it!

Those are just a few of the many trends I saw and appreciated in the 2019 Autumn/Winter fashion shows. They’re all so different and can be interpreted in multiple ways, so that’s the exciting part of fashion, seeing how people make trends their own. I would love to know your favourite trends for Autumn/Winter in the comments below, or even tag me in your take on the trends on Instagram.


(All images taken from Vogue)

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