Self Love First

I’ll be honest, I don’t know where I’m going with this blog post, but a recent post Sam Smith shared on Instagram got me inspired and thinking, and I just feel like it needs to be said (again) for myself and for anyone who reads this and needs it – you are beautiful. Your mind, body, and heart are magnificent, and you need to see that and appreciate that.

Self-love is an on going challenge, where some days are great and others are not. Where society and the media say everyone is beautiful, but then want to share a list of “The Most Slimming Dresses For You” or “6 Workouts To Get Them Back”. We all need to reach a place in our lives where letting people live for themselves, and not making remarks on their appearance, is the only accepted way of being. There is not only one way to exist, or look – the beauty of humans is their differences. Their different life experiences, shapes, skin tones, hair colours, cultures, sexuality, and beliefs are just a little, tiny look into to what makes us unique, and which is what we should celebrate and embrace.

It’s exhausting, opening Instagram, or paging through a magazine and seeing the same types of people, over and over again. I wish we would ALL uplift, not only the ones that fit societies made-up idea of ‘beautiful’, but everyone – and eventually just getting rid of the ‘ideal’. No one should go through life feeling undeserving and inadequate, especially based solely on the visual. You need to hug your shape and treat it right. Love your skin, expand your mind. Embrace your nose, teeth, ears, hair and all the emotions you feel. Touch your scars, wrinkles and tattoos, knowing they tell a story. Stare into your eyes and see that they’re beautiful, just like your heart and soul. Be gentle and kinder to yourself.

… I think I now know what I want this blog post to be.

It should be a little nudge and reminder to love yourself – from head to toe, and from the inside, out. To tell others to love themselves too, and help them see that who they are is enough – our happiness is not defined by anyone but ourselves. If you think your body is wrong, in any way, I want you to remember that firstly, you’re incorrect, and that the world has room for us all to be, and to be just as we are. Ignore the noise and negativity that tells you that your way of existing is wrong – it is your life, your choices. If you’re not harming anyone, and respectful of others, then keep radiating!

Everyday should be a celebration of you, me, and them. It should be about celebrating love and happiness, within ourselves and amongst others. I hope after you’ve read this, that you feel wonderful, and special, and know that your life, body and mind matter, and the world would not be the same if you weren’t exactly who you are.