CRÉMA Pop-up at 99 Juta

99 Juta Street in Braamfontein is the home of local designers, who have put together a space of creativity, beauty and inspiration. Dokter and Misses, Joe Paine, Houtlander, The Urbanative, Mash.T Design Studio, The Collection Studio and Monique Vee all have their incredible products showcased at 99 Juta, creating a design hub like no other.

Through February and March, this design hub in the bustling streets of Joburg will be taken over to the dark side, as CRÉMA has created an incredible pop-up that celebrates British designer, Tom Dixon, along with other CRÉMA designers – Muuto, Diesel, &Tradition, Lee Broom, HAY and FLOS.

This pop-up will showcase Dixon’s current love (some would say obsession) with black, displayed in a world-class manner, celebrating the products in a space that is a strong contrast between dark and light, as well as delicate and strong.

Monochromatic, seductive, and unapologetic – this CRÉMA pop-up display will leave visitors in awe and delight, provoking them to think and consider all that is around them. These dramatic and dark products will be back-dropped by beautiful marble wallpaper, and a showstopper architectural staircase, in a minimal Art Deco, meets a modern Eastern aesthetic.

The official launch of CRÉMA’s pop-up display at 99 Juta Street is on 7 March 2019. It will run from Monday to Friday, from 9am – 5pm, and on Saturdays, from 9am – 3pm. See more from 99 Juta Street, @99juta, and from CRÉMA, Be sure to let me know when you visit 99 Juta, and what your favourite products were.


(All 99 Juta Street photographs taken from the 99 Juta Instagram page)