23 Things To Make Someone Smile

I turned 23 years old this month, and I thought I’d put together a list of 23 things that make people smile – to help spread some much needed positivity and love.

Friends and family

Whether it’s having lunch together, dancing together, or just talking with some tea – spending time with the important people in our life is a great and simple way to help feel a little more joy in the day.


Baked goods, chocolate, pizza, fries, gummy sweets, ice cream – I could go on, but lets be honest, our favourite foods NEVER let us down.

Music and dancing

I think this is without a doubt one of the best things to help gain happiness – playing your favourite bops and just dancing like there is no one around creates an unmatched sense of freedom. These are just a few songs that always make me feel great:

A warm cup of tea

Great for distressing times and always feels like the warmest, most soothing, inside hug. This is highly recommended!

Watching someone else have a great time

Loved ones arriving at the airport, and someones wedding day or birthday. A group of friends dancing, and that little kid in the batman costume for school photo day – seeing the happiness in others can be super helpful in helping us find and see the happiness in our life.


I know this list is meant to help us smile, but smiling at others is an infectious and simple way to get them to smile back. So if you’re having a great day, share that joy and smile at the people you encounter.

Baby animals

The cuteness overload can make anyone smile – whether you’re a cat, dog, guniua pig, or lizard person – baby animals are adorable!


Helping someone else, sharing food, or just listening – these little actions are sometimes all someone needs to help them feel better and noticed.


They’re not for everyone – but when they’re good, you can’t help but smile!

Watching the sunset/sunrise

One of my absolute favourite things, and just cloud watching and sky appreciation in general. The beauty and endlessness of it all is sure to make anyone smile.


A little retail therapy to buy something you love, or your favourite dessert – we all deserve to have things that we like and enjoy.

Helping others

This leads back to seeing others happy. So spending time or money, even just a little effort on someone else or with someone else helps us and them feel great.


It releases dopamine, keeps you energized, and helps reduce stress while boosting your confidence. So encouraging someone to exercise and even joining them will only have a positive impact.


Classic and hilarious vines that will live on forever. Just watch this video anytime you need to laugh, I promise it’ll do the job.


The feeling you get when you’ve completed something. Your last exam, adding the final piece to a puzzle, passing your driving test or running your first marathon – these victories are everyday celebrations that make us smile


Being in it, witnessing it, being a part of it, sharing it, and just embracing it. Love in all its forms is a great reminder to us all that we are loved by at least one person (even if it feels like there is no one) – we have ourselves, and that is enough.


All creative outlets – film, music, theatre, exhibitions, dance, books, museums – they all create an out of this world experience, and that escape and distance may be just what someone needs to find some happiness.


Your eyes are so beautiful. I love how you mind works. You’re sexy. Your smile is infectious. You have the biggest heart. Kind words never go unnoticed, and remind us how magnificent we are.

Babies laughing

Just watch this. (You’ll thank me later)

Get some sleep

It helps us relax and in a way forget about any negativity we may have had before it, so why not try it! Plus, who doesn’t love a good, sheet marked face kinda nap.


Listen to your favourite song from 12 years ago, look at old photos, or watch your favourite childhood cartoons. Remembering things that once made us feel content will usually bring that same feeling back.

Go for a walk

Fresh air, some sun and the exercise all add up in helping us gain positivity – and who knows, you might see someone walking their cute dog, or even see a dog being walked by someone cute.

Remind someone how important their existence is

We can sometimes get lost in this fast-paced and usually overwhelming life, forgetting to take a breath. Reminding ourselves that we’re doing a great job, and continuing on because we matter is super important. So doing that for someone, and just reminding them that they deserve life and happiness is much needed – make sure to remind yourself too.

These are just a few things that I think could make someones day, and just lift their spirits – sometimes that’s all we need. I hope at least one thing on this list helps you, or someone in your life, just smile.

Peace and love always.