It is already September (crazy right!), so that means the seasons are changing and here in South Africa it is getting a lot warmer. With the change in weather, comes a change in clothing, as well as the seasons latest trends.

For Spring and Summer, fashion is both patterned and minimal, bright but also neutral. Trends are nostalgic, practical and quite experimental when it comes to form and fit. I have put together a few things that are trending which I love and that are perfect for the warmer months.

⁃ Neon

I personally never saw this coming back, but yes, highlighter is no longer only a term in make-up or stationery, but in fashion too! Neon colours are back, and bolder than ever. Head to toe neon, neon accents or just one neon item, it was all over the Spring/Summer runways.

⁃ Wide/loose fit

The relaxed fit and large tailoring was a strong direction seen in many shows. Designers also added fitted waists and belted jackets to make clothing look larger – a look straight out of the 80’s and 90’s.

⁃ White

Clean, minimal and simple – a major contrast to the neon colours also seen this season. Wear white head-to-toe and you’ll be right on trend.

⁃ Short shorts

As the fit of clothes gets looser and more relaxed, shorts are getting shorter. Short shorts are ideal for the hot weather and can be worn in many ways as we saw on the runways.

⁃ Utilitarian and practical

Along with the practicality of jumpsuits, other trends like technical wear, with many pockets and strong lines were seen on the runways – fashion with a function.

⁃ Dad socks and sneakers

Those large, chunky sneakers, paired with socks pulled up just above your ankle and short shorts will have you looking like a trendy dad – but still trendy, nonetheless.

⁃ Medium and light-wash denim

The timeless trend of denim is always changing, and this season it’s all about medium and light-wash denim. Straight and bootcut fits are perfect to pair with other, bolder trends.

⁃ Tie-dye

Another trend returning from the past is tie-dye. The fun and expressive pattern was in full force on the runway, from head to toe looks, subtle accents, or paired with other patterns and textures.

⁃ Short sleeve shirts

The Hawaiian print and Bowler shirt from last year continues into this season, now with bolder patterns, simplified styling and paired with everything. It is a statement piece.

⁃ Orange

Another colour that was seen on many runways, but not just neon, but all shades of orange – bold and bright which is perfect for the sunny and warm days ahead.

⁃ Fanny pack, Handbags and Neck Wallets

Along with the practicality of clothing having many pockets and compartments, accessorising with added storage was seen on all the runways to emphasise form and function in fashion. These accessories also help elevating looks with an added trend, colour or texture.

⁃ Bright Patterns

Vibrant and colourful textiles, clashing with other, equally as bold and bright were in many runway shows – perfectly fitting for summer and the happiness it brings. Be daring with your pattern choices.

⁃ Black

Unexpected and different for Spring/Summer, but all black outfits were seen in many shows, and made for impactful and effortless style. This is an easy trend for everyone to take on.

Along with these strong trends for Spring/Summer, we can also see other trends like sandals, smaller and sporty sunglasses shapes, long and hanging belts, genderless fashion, and obvious 80’s and 90’s influence, as well as this idea of actually ignoring all trends and creating your own idea of fashion and ‘normal’.

After all, fashion is about self-expression and confidence – you should wear whatever you feel best in. Make every trend your own and enjoy getting ready each day – the confidence boost will only make you feel greater each day.

What are some of your favourite Spring/Summer trends for 2018?


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