Surviving the bad days

Someone recently told me that their self-esteem is at an all time low, and asked for some advice. That got me thinking about what I do to try and stay optimistic and upbeat on bad days – so I’ve put together a list of some things that help me when I’m down, which can hopefully help you too.

⁃ Read a book. Escape the real world for a little bit and immerse yourself in a fictional one. Here are some of my favourite books, and I’m sure some will make you smile, and laugh, and feel like it isn’t all that bad.

⁃ Breathe. Just inhale and exhale – this feeling is temporary, but important.

⁃ Listen to your favourite song and just dance and sing along to it – the feeling of being free is infectious. Here are some songs that I love and that help me let go, to just be me and feel free:

⁃ Just have some time with yourself and your thoughts – have a bath, or make some tea and sit somewhere quiet and kind of look for all the positive things in your life and the good in what may seem like a situation that is only bad. This search for optimism has helped me a lot.

⁃ Please be kind to yourself

⁃ Go for a walk or watch the clouds, it helps for a little bit of perspective – we’re all pretty tiny in this huge universe, and I promise this feeling will pass – you’ve got this!

⁃ Doing something new or going somewhere new pulls us out of this negative and low space we’re in. Be spontaneous.

⁃ Talk to someone. Talk about the good and positive things, present or past, it’ll be a good reminder of all the great things in your life. If you’re not comfy with talking to someone, write all these things down and read and appreciate them.

⁃ Be kind to someone else. Helping someone or making them smile is a fantastic way to help you feel content.

⁃ If you can, go out and buy yourself something that you feel sexy/cute/wonderful in, and look in the mirror and remind yourself just how freaking beautiful you are, just as you are.

We all have bad days, some more than others, and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is to let those feelings and doubts control us, and I know it isn’t easy, but we need to always try. Try and smile more, try and look for the good in everything, try to be kinder (to others and yourself), try and always be present, and just try your best.

If none of the above helped, remember…

You are magnificently wonderful, and so so incredible – there is no one like you. The world has a special space just for you to thrive and be content in. Be sure to give yourself a hug and high-5 for surviving this, and all the bad days before. This feeling will pass, I promise. ♡