Decorex Joburg 2018

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since my Decorex Joburg 2017 post – it feels like just yesterday I was at the exhibition, feeling inspired and excited about South African design. This years show is over 5 days, from 8 – 12 August 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre, with each year getting better and better.

Decorex is made up of 5 halls, and each one has its own cool, magnificently designed bar/restaurant that the exhibition goers can have something to eat and drink at, or to just have a breather before visiting the next hall. Hall 2 had so many different kitchen inspirations and products, as well as delicious foods like cheeses, nuts, fudge and these beautiful lollipops by ‘The Lollipop League’.

The part that appeals to me most at Decorex, and the main reason I go is for 100% Design. I went to the show yesterday, and like all the years before – I was blown away. African design and designers are continuously out doing themselves with their creativity.

This year’s ‘Feature Designer’ was ceramicist Andile Dylvane, who designed and made a collection of 100 bowls (yes, one hundred). Each bowl is unique, intricate and so so beautiful. Andile said that his life, past and present, artworks by Picasso and all the places he has been, all inspired and influenced the beautiful collection.

100 Beautiful Bowls by Andile Dylvane
100 Beautiful Bowls by Andile Dylvane

One constant each year is the idea of collaboration and different designers coming together in different ways to create a fantastic concept. We saw Houtlander’s 100% Café design above, and the ‘Trade and Press Lounge’, as well as the collaborative stand of Meyer Von Wielligh and Willowlamp below.

A bunch of designers were showcased alongside one another in the ‘Designing in Wood’ feature, to show the different techniques and use of this beautiful, natural material. ‘100% Apartment’ and ‘100% Office’ were other features that saw designers being brought together to create beautiful and inspiring spaces.

You still have 3 days to get to one of South Africa’s greatest design and decor exhibitions – get your tickets here. You’ll be inspired by the design excellence local creatives show, the fantastic show quality and set-up, as well as all the restaurants and bars. Let me know which were your favourite parts of Decorex Joburg 2018 in the comments below.