#BeAKidAgain with Travelstart

I think we all have wonderful memories of when we were younger – feeling free and brave, having the most fun, and enjoying the things we loved, without worrying about what others thought. June is Youth Month here in South Africa, and it got me thinking of all the things I enjoyed doing while growing up here.

⁃ Waking up before 7am on a Saturday to watch early morning cartoons – the TV was probably a little too loud, but I had to hear over the snap, crackle, pop of my Rice Krispies.

⁃ Dancing and singing loudly around the house and then in the backseat of the car on my way to visit my cousins. Here, the singing got competitive because of Singstar on PS2, another one of my favourite things to do back then (and now too, actually).

⁃ Falling asleep on the couch and magically waking up in my bed the next day, with an extra blanket ’cause my parents are just the best and insisted that I “looked cold”.

⁃ I have always enjoyed being creative, and drawing was what I spent most of my time doing at home when I was younger. One my favourites things to do (and it is still relevant today), is stationery shopping, and those gigantic stationery sets made 6 year old me ecstatic!!

⁃ I was always using my imagination and pretending that I had superpowers, or putting on a musical performance (outfit changes included) for the pool filled with ‘fans’ and my dog Max.

⁃ Spending all the pocket money I had on Friday’s “Cake and Candy”, or at the toy store after breakfast on Sunday’s. I mean where else would it be spent? There were no bills or expenses to pay back then.

⁃ Days at the beach with my family are one of my fondest memories growing up – we always had the best time, and enjoyed just relaxing together. Being from Johannesburg, a trip down to the coast was always so exciting ’cause I got to swim in the ocean, build sandcastles and feel the sand in between my toes.

Beach holidays are still my favourite, and Travelstart has the greatest competition on at the moment where they are giving away a trip for 2 to Zanzibar valued at R25 000 – how cool!! I have never been, but have dreamt of going to Zanzibar, it looks magnificent.

Incredible beaches, the rich culture and perfect weather are just a few things that make the tropical island of Zanzibar a must visit for beach lovers, and anyone looking to just de-stress and enjoy the sun.

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean means the beautiful blue waters are perfect for diving and snorkeling to see the extensive ocean life. Having Africa, Asia and the Middle East nearby has influenced Zanzibar’s lifestyle, culture, food, and architecture. To experience it all, you can taste the local foods and spices, and visit the capital, Stone Town, a bustling maze of streets filled with colourful markets and beautiful buildings – you can find flights to Zanzibar on Travelstart.

All you need to do enter the competition is follow and like Travelstart on all their social media pages (links below), make a cool and creative paper plane video (here’s mine), and share it on social media, tag Travelstart as well as 3 friends to also participate, and you’re in. For all the exact details and to see the list of prizes, have a look at Paper Jet Challenge, it’s all there for you. Make sure you read it so your entry is valid – you have until the 7th of July to enter.

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Tag me + 3 of your friends in your paper plane videos, I would love to see them! Also let me know some of your favourite childhood memories in the comments down below.


*This post is in collaboration with Travelstart