#PrideMonth 2018: LGBTQ+ Music

Music is something so dear to me because it’s always just been there and musicians have a way of putting my unexplainable emotions into songs. Having LGBTQ+ representation in the music industry allows musicians to write and sing about experiences that others that identify as LGBTQ+ can relate to, which I think is super important. This is a list of some of my favourite LGBTQ+ artists:

⁃ Adam Lambert

He had his start on American Idol where he began his glam-rock and unapologetic take on popular music. I was lucky enough to see Adam when he was in South Africa, and that. man. can. SING ! He is currently touring with Queen and making all the classic Freddie Mercury songs his own. He is an unbelievable talent!

⁃ Calum Scott

Calum had his start on Britains Got Talent, and his first album ‘Only Human’, released this year, has stories of love, missing home, falling for someone straight, coming out as well as his INCREDIBLE cover of ‘Dancing On My Own’.

⁃ Freddie Mercury

The front man of Queen has given us music, fashion and performances that will live on forever. Freddie Mercury is another icon that our grandparents loved and we love, he is timeless and he was always himself, until the sad end.

⁃ George Michael

Another timeless icon that has given us music that will be cherished and is listened to everywhere. He had success in Wham and even more success with his solo endeavors, always creating music that only George Michael could create.

⁃ Halsey

Honest and cool, Halsey is a badass woman with a signature voice. She has given us hits and her albums always tell a story of youth, love and rebellion. She is also unapologetic and stands up and speaks out on what matters most to her.

⁃ Hayley Kiyoko

We saw Hayley on Lemonade Mouth (which I loved), but she is now known by fans as the ‘lesbian Jesus’ – and she embraces that. Another unapologetic and strong woman, who sings honestly about her experiences and love for women.

⁃ Janelle Monáe

Janelle says and sings exactly what is on her mind, and that is exactly the type of artist and representation we need! Her music is influenced by Prince, but is brought into 2018 with its lyrics and current sound. Her album ‘Dirty Computer’ is one of my favourites of this year.

⁃ Kehlani

She started in a band on America’s Got Talent, but it is her solo music that caught my attention and her unapologetic lyrics and personality is exactly what makes Kehlani a force to be reckoned with. Excited to see what the future holds for her.

⁃ Kim Petras

New to the music industry, but already giving us pure pop songs that sound fresh but nostalgic all at once. Her music videos are also all really cool, i look forward to hearing what else Kim Petras has in store for us.

⁃ Mika

Fun and free pop, that has us all dancing and enjoying ourselves – which is what we all need sometimes. Mika is a fantastic vocalist and always experiments with his sound – he isn’t afraid to take risks, and we are happy about that!


You’ve heard him on ‘Never Forget You’ with Zara Larsson, and his solo stuff is just as fantastic. Another LGBtQ+ artist i believe we need to pay more attention to – and we cannot deny that his song ‘Tongue’ is made for the greatest voguing!

⁃ Olly Alexander

The lead singer of Years & Years has made it clear that their electro-pop will be true to him, so it will be about falling in love and having hearts broken by boys. The band formed in 2010, and their 2nd studio album will be released in July.

⁃ Parson James

One of my favourite male voices EVER, Parson’s worldwide hit ‘Stole The Show’ with Kygo was his first big break, and his latest single ‘Only You’ was one of my favourites of 2017. This artist deserves the world!

⁃ Sam Smith

I can never forget how his first album resonated with my soul and his music continues doing that today. A soulful voice singing about our deepest hurt and fears, and the one thing that ties us all together, love. A favourite.

⁃ Sir Elton John

Having released over 30 albums over his 50 year musical career has made Sir Elton John a world icon. His music is timeless and he continues to fight for equality, which includes his Aids foundation. Your grandparents love Elton and I bet you love at least one of his many classics.

⁃ Superfruit

Best friends collaborating and creating music they love, as well as content for Youtube. Their debut album ‘Future Friends’ was released in 2017, along with visuals to bring each of their songs to life.

⁃ Troye Sivan

He creates pop music that just makes you want to dance, along with relatable songs about self-discovery, love and life. His latest album Bloom is set for release this August, and songs released so far from that album have been fantastic.

⁃ Vincint

He was a finalist on The Four, a fairly new singing competition, and his voice is incredible! His beautiful and unique tone makes me super excited to see what music Vincint will be bringing to us in the future!

Check out my ‘LGBTQ+ Pride‘ playlist on Apple Music to hear more. I’m excited to see what these brave, unapologetic and important artists will be doing in the future and I will continue finding new LGBTQ+ musicians. I would love to know which of these LGBTQ+ artists you enjoy, and anyone else you think I should be listening to.

Keep loving, and #KeepSmiling