For The Love Of Music

We are two months into 2018 and the music I’ve been listening to has changed my life. Self-love and discovery, heart-break, growth and freedom have been prominent themes in my music lately, and these are just a few of the songs and albums that have impacted me and become a part of my mind and heart.

– The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

I love musicals – and ‘The Greatest Showman’ is the latest musical to have my heart. A beautiful story told through the most wonderful songs – all written and sung so well. I honestly love every song, but ‘This Is Me’ takes top honours, and I would definitely recommend you watch this film and listen to these songs – all so so special.

Listen here:

– ‘don’t smile at me’ by Billie Eillish

This album came out late last year, so I know I’m a little late – but what a sonically and lyrically beautiful and interesting album. Being 16, Billie sings and writes about love, loss and growing up – all sung incredibly well with layered vocals and fascinating production choices. My favourites are ‘ocean eyes’, ‘hostage’, ‘idon’twannabeyouanymore’, ‘watch’ and ‘bellyache’

Listen here:

– ‘Camila’ by Camila Cabello

‘Havana’ is everywhere and this album is filled with songs that make Camila a force to be reckoned with. Lyrical honesty & relatability, the A-class vocals and the right mix of ballads & up-beat dancey tracks, make ‘Camila’ an incredibly strong debut album. My favourites are ‘Into It’, ‘Real Friends’, ‘All These Years’, ‘Consequences’ and ‘She Loves Control’.

Listen here:

– ‘Wild Solace’ by Moonga K.

The perfect blend of soul, pop, alternative, rock and dance, all making up an album that is real, raw and relatable. Stellar production, honest lyrics and Moonga’s falsetto is EVERYTHING! ‘Wild Solace’ explores growth, loss, existing and freedom, with ourselves and others. My favourites are ‘The Art Of Aging’, ‘Fink’s Wave’, ‘Let Go’, ‘Incandescent’ and ‘Little Wreck’.

Listen here:

– Fifty Shades Freed Soundtrack

These internationally intriguing and adored films always have great soundtracks – and the final one is no different. Sexy, dark and mysterious love is what these songs are all about, with my favourites being ‘Heaven’, ‘Capital Letters’, ‘High’ and ‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’.

Listen here:

– ‘My My My!’ and ‘The Good Side’ by Troye Sivan

I was obsessed with ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, so when I read about new Troye music this year, I was ecstatic! Then ‘My My My!’ came out – and what. a. song. Catchy, dancey pop, that makes me feel free and have the best time. Followed by the complete opposite, ‘The Good Side’ – which is a soft and gentle love-ballad. No specific release date for the new album, but based on these two singles, I am so so excited for it!

Listen here:

– ‘Strangers’ by Sigrid

This is another young artist who is creating relatable music that makes you feel free and just truly enjoy all 3:54 minutes of it – no matter how sad and real the lyrics may be. Her EP ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is so great too – definitely check that out!

Listen here:

– ‘You Are The Reason’ by Calum Scott

His splendid voice and heart-wrenching lyrics have made this a timeless love song for me. A duet of the song with Leona Lewis was more recently released, which just heightened the beauty of the song. We all heard Calum’s fantastic cover of ‘Dancing On My Own’, and now this – I cannot wait for the release of his album in March!

Listen here:

– ‘Love Lies’ by Khalid & Normani

This is Normani’s first solo endeavour, and this collab with Khalid is perfect. A vibey love song with smooth harmonies, honest writing and an equally sexy music video. I am very excited for the rest of this soundtrack and the film, so go listen and watch!

Listen here:

– ‘Curious’ and ‘Feelings’ by Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley is strong and sassy, with no fear in singing her mind. Catchy and like nothing out there at the moment, the pop/electro fusion in both these songs is fantastic and the reason behind my love for them. Hayley’s full album comes out at the end of March and I am definitely looking forward to it!

Listen here:

I hope at least one of these songs made you feel something, anything – and I would love to read about and listen to the music changing your life right now – make sure to let me know!

I am so thankful for music and art.