Being a Young Adult in 2018

I remember when I was younger, I had always thought by 25 my life would be sorted and well on its way. I’d have a house, be in a beautiful relationship, have a great job, maybe even a pet, and just be so happy and settled. Well surprise, welcome to the real world !

Where finding employment is difficult, like, really difficult, and then trying to live independently off your initial salary is equally as tough. Many begin their first official job as young adults and will only be earning entry level salaries (some earning nothing, but experience as interns and junior employees) – so the prospects of a home is not something that is an initial goal upon entering the working world. But this slow and low beginning only leaves room to move up and grow, and help figure out if your chosen career is what you really want to do (side note: I still really wanna give the singing thing a try) and more time to work on your goals and to see what kind of life you’d like to live. These are all experiences we will gain and learn from, although they’re not easy, they’ll be worth it!

Young adults go through a lot of self-growth and change, and this causes people to become distant or even leave. People are temporary, but impactful – don’t regret past relationships or friendships, they’ve taught you something. I find relationships beautiful and they show a different side to people, they are also incredibly complex because of timing and lifes circumstances. So I’d say, don’t rush things and let things happen (or not happen), but know that it’s okay to be alone – your own company and love is forever, which makes it so important.

There is also all this pressure placed on us by others, and even ourselves, to get our life in order right away, otherwise we’re seen as inferior and “lazy”. Everyone’s journey is timed differently and it is their own to discover and understand. Do not compare yourself to others your age, your time is coming – be patient and just keep going. Don’t stop working on things because they’re not going according to plan, the ‘not going according to plan’ may actually all be part of the overall journey.

I think what I’m trying to get at with this post is that being a young adult now is different to 10 years ago, and that’s okay. It is difficult, stressful, and overwhelming, but equally exciting, prosperous and free. We’re meeting new people, trying new things, failing, discovering, succeeding, falling in and out of love, learning, and just trying to find our own happiness. So go out and make yourself proud! Be kind to others our age and know that there is place for all of us in the world – figuring out where, is the most exciting part!