Music That Changed My 2017

Music is a big part of all our lives and impacts each of us differently. This year was an incredible year for music and artists really shared some of their greatest work over the past 365 days. These are songs and albums that helped make my 2017 a little greater.

Sam Smith – The Thrill of it All

Sam never fails to amaze, and this album, with its incredible vocals, heart-wrenching and honest writing, as well as masterful production is perfection. The album is filled with emotion and I guarantee it’ll make you feel. Listen to: ‘Say It First’, ‘Midnight Train’, ‘Burning’, ‘HIM’, ‘No Peace’, and ‘Pray’.

Kehlani – Honey

A song that is just as sweet as its title. A beautiful love song, with special lyrics sung over an acoustic guitar. The song is quite different to Kehlani’s album ‘SweetSexySavage’ sonically and lyrically, but I look forward to see what she releases next.

Sza – Ctrl

Sza made 2017 her year. A stunning album was released, and later nominated at the Grammy awards. Honest and relatable lyrics being beautifully sung make this album a solid stand out for me. Listen to: ‘The Weekend’, ‘Normal Girl’, ‘Supermodel’, ‘Love Galore’ and ’20 Something’.

Lorde – Melodrama

This album just speaks to me and the things I’ve gone through – and this relatability, combined with fantastic song-writing, as well as Lorde’s distinct sound, make for an album of greatness! Listen to: ‘Sober’, ‘Perfect Places’, ‘Homemade Dynamite’, ‘The Lourve’, ‘Supercut’ and ‘Sober II (Melodrama)’.

Shekhinah – Rose Gold

I’ve been a fan since Idols SA, and was hopeful her debut album would be great – and I was truly blown away! ‘Rose Gold’ showcases Shekhinah’s unique voice, as well as her talent as a lyricist, and encompassed in the fantastic sound of each song, results in a timeless masterpiece. Listen to: ‘Into The Jungle’, ‘The Sound’ (feat. Asali), ‘Please Mr’, ‘Thirsty’, ‘Different’ (feat. Mariechan) and the smash hit ‘Suited’.

Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

Dua arrived in 2017, and soon after, so did my obsession with her self-titled album. A record about love, growing-up and life. Well written songs, Dua’s distinct tone, and A-class production could only result in a stand out album for me in 2017. Listen to: ‘New Rules’ (obviously), ‘No Goodbyes’, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’, ‘Be The One’, ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’, ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Hotter Than Hell’.

Betty Who – The Valley

An album of pop perfection, that is equally fun and heartbreaking. Betty Who is a fantastic vocalist and this album showcases just that, along with beautiful lyrics and empowering anthems. Listen to: ‘Wannabe’, ‘Human Touch’, ‘Some Kinda Wonderful’, ‘Mama Say’ and her cover of ‘I Love You Always Forever’

Parson James – Only You

A cry out for love, beautifully sung and so well written. Parson James is incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him!

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Incredibly powerful vocals, fantastic product, and the honest and straight-forward lyrics make this album Demi’s best. Relatable and real, with multiple goosebump moments. Listen to: ‘Daddy Issues’, ‘Ruin The Friendship’, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, ‘Lonely’ with Lil’ Wayne, ‘Concentrate’ and ‘Only Forever’.

Little Mix – Glory Days: The Platinum Edition

Glory Days is filled with perfect pop songs and sassy lyrics, all sung in perfect harmony. The Platinum Edition has three new songs and a documentary showing just how talented, hard-working, and human the girls in Little Mix are. Listen to: ‘No More Sad Songs’, ‘If I Get My Way’, ‘Shoutout To My Ex’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’, Is Your Love Enough?’, ‘Touch’, ‘Power’ and ‘Dear Lover’.

Craig Lucas – Restless

Powerful, fun and relatable. Craig’s voice is undeniable, and with his input in each song on the album making it more personal – which I love, the Voice SA’s winner debut album is one to remember. Listen to: ‘Smother’, ‘December’, ‘Really Don’t Care About Us’, ‘I Said This’, ‘Hearts Exposed’, and ‘Broken Diamond’.

Superfruit – Future Friends

This is Superfruits first full length album, and it truly is just two best friends, making honest, fun, and incredibly produced pop music, with both Scott and Mitch pushing themselves vocally and lyrically. Listen to: ‘Imaginary Parties’, ‘Hurry Up!’, Goodbye From Lonely’, ‘Future Friends’, ‘Worth It (Perfect)’, ‘How You Feeling?’ and ‘Deny U’

Khalid – American Teen

Another incredible 2017 debut that felt honest, relatable and just sounded so cool! Khalid’s album has been magnificently produced, and with his real lyrics, make for a relatable listening experience for all. Listen to: ‘American Teen’, ‘Location’, ‘Angels’, ‘Another Sad Love Song’, ‘Saved’, Coaster’, and ‘Angels’.


The harmonies and dance moves are nostalgic, but the sounds and production are contemporary. Excited to hear more from these guys.

All this music kind of helped me get through the year and made me feel and think and just have the best time, and I freaking love music for always just being there. What are the songs that impacted your life this year? Let me know in the comments