Fashion is a form of self expression, with the biggest designers using their clothes to communicate and share messages regarding things they care about and want to change. The slogan tee is a trend this season (see more on the Spring/Summer Trends 2017 post) – so why not be trendy and make a difference?

The creator of ‘T-shirts For Change’, Nicole Jowet (@nikkijowet), wanted to change and better lives through something everyone loves – a fashionable tee. The custom t-shirts are locally produced and R100 from every one sold goes to an organisation in need – so you’ll be supporting charity as well as local businesses.

This initiative began with the ‘Feminist Tee Project’ helping the Frida Hartley Shelter, which aims at educating and empowering homeless women. The incredible response and support for this project has helped raise almost R20 000 for @fridahartley! The latest project, ‘Love Is Love’, is in support of the LGBTQ+ community, and R100 from each t-shirt sold goes to the Luleki Sizwe Foundation. This organisation provides a safe place for victims of hate crimes and homophobia.

This is fashion with a purpose. It’s t-shirts that aren’t just t-shirts, and when you get yours, you’ll be changing lives. So make sure to wear it with pride and know that you are helping in the creation of a better South Africa. By just getting one t-shirt, you’re giving someone a voice and creating awareness for those who need it most!

Go to or @tshirtsforchangesa now to get your tee, and let’s change the world together!

T-shirts For Change also have sweatshirts, hoodies and swimsuits that all help different organistations, and if you know of any organisation that you think this initiative can help, let me know in the comments.


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