With new seasons, come new trends to explore and try out. These trends are perfect for the warmer months, and are simple ways to elevate your style – just make sure to make the trend your own.

Hawaiian inspired prints

Yes, florals for spring! It may not be groundbreaking, but paired with shorts or cropped pants make for a fashionable and summer-ready look.

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The internet went crazy with the idea of a “male-romper”, and fashion designers showed us that yes, one-piece outfits are going to be a thing this season. This trend can be casual, or more formal, depending on the accessories you choose – but it is definitely an exciting trend to try out (on the note of interesting menswear, tunics were also seen in many fashion shows)

Slogen tee’s

Designers used the runway as a platform to make a statement through their designs, with text on clothing communicating the designers views on the current world. A slogan tee is perfect for this trend, tucked into wide-legged, cropped pants make for a fashionable and impactful outfit.

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A bright, statement colour like yellow was seen everywhere, whether it’s subtle yellow detailing, or head to toe yellow, you need to own this colour this season.

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Functional and technical clothing, with loads of pockets and practical zips, making clothing stylish but simple. Windbreakers, bomber jackets and clothing with many pockets fit this trend, and including the camo trend here works great too.

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90’s inspired Athleisure

This trend overlapped into this season from the autumn/winter trends, and doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Inspired by 90’s sports and streetwear, this trend is comfortable and fashionable, with a use of different materials, sports influenced styling, and colour-blocking.

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Light Denim

A timeless material that never seems to go out of style. This season it’s about light denim, as well as different cuts and exploring how to style denim. Jackets, jumpsuits and good fit jeans are what you need to have this trend in the bag.

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Marine Accents

Embroidered anchors, neck-ties and stripes all shared a marine feel, that takes us to the sea. The use of water-resistant materials is also included in this trend, as well as it’s practicality for summer rains.

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Pastel colours

Spring & summer is all about colour, and the runways were filled with vivid colours, as well as pastels, which is a subtle way of introducing colour into outfits. A simple tee, short shorts or even a cross-body bag in pastel colours will have you right on trend.

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Slouchy/Oversized look

Fitted clothing wasn’t too popular this season, with designers going for a looser, more relaxed fit, even in suits and formal wear. Broad shoulders and statement outerwear also adds to this trend. Owning a pair of wide legged trousers or a wide-shouldered bomber jacket is a great way to wear this trend.


The band tee is here to stay for spring and summer, with the punk trend featuring in many runway shows. The darker tones, studs, leather (including accessories like chokers), as well as the stonewash and bleached denim, make this trend a stand-out on it’s own, with a nod to the popular 70’s subculture.

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I would definitely use these trends as a guide, as well as an excuse to try something I may not be entirely comfortable in. Style and fashion should be fun – these trends create new ways to dress and style our everyday looks.

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What are some of your favourite Spring/Summer trends?

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