Happy Thursday! Here’s what I have been loving this month:


Sim-ply Chair Collection by Haldane Martin
The beautiful ‘Sim-ply Chair Collection’ was unveiled at Design Joburg this past month. The chairs have a contemporary, simple feel, with the bright, customer-specific finish options bringing new life to these nostalgic forms. Haldane Martin says the the chairs are environmentally conscious and locally manufactured – making this on-trend collection affordable and an exciting addition to South African homes. ​


Harry Styles by Harry Styles
Harry Styles released his self-titled, debut solo album this month, and the indie/rock sound is a new direction for the singer, but definitely the right one. Whether it’s his beautiful falsetto in the album’s ballads, or the high energy in his more rock performances, Harry showcases his voice throughout the album. He also shares his talent for song writing, taking us on a journey with each song telling a different story. Some of my favourites off the album are ‘Sign Of The Times’, ‘Sweet Creature’, ‘Two Ghosts’ and ‘Ever Since New York’.


Season two of Sense8 was released this month and I find the importance of this show remarkable. It deals with problems we all face on a daily basis, and the eight main characters face these struggles with the help of one other. The series shows us how if we as humans put our differences aside, work together and embrace the strengths of individuals, we can do anything – and I think we all need to be reminded of this sometimes.


Travel Mug from Typo
Warm drinks in winter are a must. Warm drinks on the go in winter are even more of a must. Typo has multiple travel mug designs to suit everyone who want to have their tea or coffee with them on the move. The cups come in multiple sizes and bring some fun into those grey winter mornings.

Knitted jumper from H&M
Winter is fast approaching, so I’m ecstatic to finally wear jumpers, boots and all the other winter items that get neglected during the warmer seasons. I’d never had a black, knitted jumper before this one, and I’m so glad I purchased it, as it is super warm, and goes with everything. H&M have a bunch of jumpers, all in different colours and knit types – definitely something everyone needs in their wardrobe this winter.

Bracelets from H&M
I needed new black bracelets and saw these while queuing at H&M. The one has stylised, skull shaped beads, and the other is just simple black beads. Quick ways to add a lil’ something more to any outfit, and accessories are always great conversation starters.

Hair Wax from Woolworths
I’m so excited about this hair wax because I finally found a hair-styling product that lasts all day, and doesn’t leave my hair looking oily. It gives my hair a naturally styled look, which is something I struggle with as my hair is very thick and using other products leaves my hair stiff and just obvious that it has product in it. Super happy i found this.

What have been some of your favourites this month?


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