For Anyone Afraid To Be Themselves – Including Me…

​this is for anyone who has ever been afraid to be themselves – including me… 

you only have one name – don’t let the things they call you, change that.
let them stare when you hold his hand – you’ll be too busy staring at him, anyway.

the only thing you’re asking for when you wear that skirt, is to look and feel fantastic. and that outfit they mocked last week; wear it today
– ‘cause I think you look super sexy in it.

get the tattoo or the piercing, heck get them both – it’s your body and it’ll add to your artwork. cut and dye your hair
– even if they say “you look like a boy”, or “it can always grow back”.

cry when you need to, and even when you don’t
– it doesn’t make you weak. listen to that “terrible” music, ‘cause I know how it’s always been there for you.

wear all your make-up and paint your nails
​- they’re just envious of that killer contour and manicure.

love and look after your body, it’s the only one you’ve got. every shade of skin is beautiful
– especially yours.

your brain is so wonderful and filled with thoughts like no other, embrace that. and your mental health is super important
– take care of it and know that it won’t always control you.

your passion is your power
– use it. let the things that make you happy guide your life.

be unapologetically yourself.
​it won’t be easy, and they will try and bring you down, but stand.

stand tall.

stand up for what you believe in.
stand up for yourself and those just like you.

​- jason