Happy Thursday! Here’s what I’ve been loving this month:



Book Bag by Bofred
A functional, simple, and beautiful product that when I think of it, is so practical and necessary in every home. Bofred has given us three variations of the Book Bag, the all black one being my personal favourite. What makes it the product of the month for me, is the fact that it isn’t a product I’ve seen around often, yet it is so needed. Bofred’s unique approach and design-thinking is what makes them stand out.


The Valley by Betty Who
I first heard Betty Who on ‘Heaven‘ with Troye Sivan (one of my favourite songs), and with the release of her second album this month, I thought I’d give it a try – and I’m so happy I did! ‘The Valley’ is a fun, infectious, pop album that is high-energy, filled with beautiful harmonies, exciting vocal choices and lyrics about all sorts of love and heartbreak. My favourites off the album are ‘The Valley’, ‘Human Touch’, ‘Wannabe’, ‘Beautiful’ and her cover of ‘I Love You Always Forever’.


milk and honey by rupi kaur
A remarkably lovely book filled with poems about hurting, loving, breaking and healing. Every single page demands a new thought and a new sense of wonder and relatability. If you have not read ‘milk and honey’, do yourself a favour and see why this book has changed so many lives – including mine.


‘Girl Meets World’
Perhaps it’s the quirky and weird humour, maybe the real-life lesson in every episode, or it’s just the fact that it’s Disney – but this month I have been obsessed with ‘Girl Meets World’. The spin-off of the hit 90’s show ‘Boy Meets World’ sees optimistic Riley and her friends try to conquer and understand life and the world. I think the show is funny, relatable, and oh so important for people growing up and finding their place in the world – Disney did good!


Mini Light Box from Typo
Typo recently released A5 versions of their popular light boxes – the perfect gift idea, or just a new light source for your room. The mini light box comes with 3 pre-printed slide-in signs, and two empty ones for you to create your own message with the provided stickers.

Nivea Moisturising Cream
The seasons are changing and it’s getting colder, so you need to prevent dry skin, and make sure you moisturise. This Nivea Cream comes in two sizes, this smaller tin (30ml) is perfect to carry with you or to keep on your desk. The cream moisturises and keeps your skin smelling SO good!

Cropped Jeans from Factorie
These distressed jeans are right on trend with them being cropped and their relaxed fit. I’ve been pairing these jeans with a tucked in t-shirt and Dr. Martens for a comfy, grunge look. Factorie has the same style in 3 types of denim, so if you’d like a pair, you have choice.

Woven belt from H&M
Since I’ve been tucking my tops in lately, this woven belt adds a lil’ something extra to any outfit – and it helps hold my pants up too, which is great!

What have been your favourites this month?


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