If you know me, you know I love denim, almost as much as I love Converse All Stars!

Denim is a timeless material, and everyone owns at least one denim item. Now is the time to wear that item, ’cause much to my excitement, double denim is a current trend. When I wear double denim, I try and wear two shades, like this light, distressed denim jacket, paired with simple, dark jeans. I tucked in my white-t, and finished it off with white All-Stars, because I love how denim and white look together. And if you’re looking for a smart-casual look, a denim shirt, tucked into jeans, and worn with brown/tan, more formal shoes creates just that.

Will you be jumping on the double denim wagon too?

T-shirt: H&M
Denim Jacket: Bought this at a flea market and bleached it myself, but most clothing stores sell denim jackets
Jeans: Cotton On
Shoes: Converse All Stars
Alien patch: Factorie


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