All We Have Is Love

Think about it… If we all just loved, but loved with no exceptions and no boundaries – wouldn’t the world be a whole lot nicer to live in?

​With Valentine’s Day earlier this week, I was in awe at how all of social media was filled with an abundance of love and positivity. Yes there were some who were down because they didn’t have someone special on the day, but they still sent messages of kindness to those who did. And as I was scrolling through my different feeds, I realised just how powerful love is, and how different the world would be if say, everyday was Valentine’s Day. Not for the gifts or the outings – but for the love – this complex emotion that radiated from the world on the 14th of February.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to hug and kiss everyone you meet or see, but love is also about acceptance and embracing someone for who they are – and that’s what we need to do. Love is to share happiness and to be kind, it’s about respect and knowing that we are all human and our lives are priceless. Love is to care and support – no matter what, who, when, how or where.

I know it isn’t easy, and I know it’s something different, but if we all just love, no matter what, we’re already on the right track. Love is needed. Love is needed now more than ever.