Be Thankful

Showing appreciation for the good in our life is a reminder that things aren’t that bad after all, and that there is a lot to be thankful for. These reminders can be used daily to remain positive and hopeful – and hope is that little thing inside that will keep us going. I imagine that we all say thank you regularly – to friends, family, a stranger who has done something for us, or to a ‘higher power’ we may believe in. This is great, but I for one forget to thank someone vitally important to this whole life thing – myself. We all do so much for ourselves and never recognise how incredible that is.

So do it. Thank yourself.

Say thank you for getting up every morning and doing your best in the world. Thank yourself for the hard work you do every day, and for never giving up. Thank yourself for the strength you show during difficult times and the big smile you share with the world when you’re happy. Say thank you for sharing your passion and embracing your purpose. Thank yourself for learning from the bad and celebrating the good. Thank yourself because you’ve survived all of your worst days, and you’re doing so great!

Thank yourself because you are flawed and different – but oh so special.