New Beginnings

I’d always found a sense of comfort throughout high school and university knowing that the following year I’d just move to a new grade, stay in the same place and be surrounded by the same people – it became a routine of sorts. But it is now 2017, I just got a degree and that routine is gone, what now?

At first this thought seemed extremely frightening and overwhelming, but I am super excited and hopeful for this year and what it has in store for me. At the end of last year I needed to decide whether to continue and do my honours or not – and to the surprise of many (including myself) – I chose not to do it. I found that I had become too comfortable in what I was doing, and this comfort didn’t excite me and I was sort of lost in life. Life is a beautiful, unexplainably special and exciting thing that we need to appreciate and not take for granted – that’s what I want to do this year.

I want to do things that will excite and scare me. I want to take risks, but more importantly, believe in myself and believe that the risks I take will be worth it. I want to take pride in the things I do and how far I’ve come, and remind myself that I am good enough. I will learn to love myself, not allowing my insecurities and what others think or say about me affect the way I live my life. I want to think for myself and stand up for what I believe in, even if I am standing alone. This is the first year in my life where I have no routine or comfort zone, just endless opportunities awaiting me, and I think that’s terrifyingly cool!

Having said all this, I know it won’t be simple, and I know it won’t all go to plan – but I won’t look at that – I’ll look at the positives, because I truly believe that there is good in everything that happens to us, and that it all happens for a reason. So I hope your new beginning excites your soul and makes you see how magical life is. May your 2017 be filled with love, family, laughter, friends, one of a kind experiences, and an indescribable feeling of happiness throughout!